If you have a 1928 silver dollar, you may be sitting on a small fortune. Research current market conditions, learn about past sales prices, and unlock the true potential of your coins with just a few clicks.

The 1928 silver dollar is a coin with a good history and high awareness. Therefore, it is common for the 1928 silver dollar coin to be in high demand among collectors and numismatists worldwide. It is an iconic coin based on its history and fame.

Most U.S. collectors do not collect them as coins but as unredeemed raw bullion. This would be alright if many did not mistakenly believe these coins retain all of their silver content instead of gradually eroding their worth over the years.​​ Read on to find out the value of this silver coin.

The Value Of 1928 Silver Dollar

The value of a 1928 silver coin is a challenging task, as many variables go into determining the price of this coin. The first thing you need to do is determine if your 1928 silver dollar is circulated or uncirculated. If it is circulated, it has been used and will be worth less than an uncirculated coin.

The next step is determining how much wear and tear the coin has gone through over its lifetime. This can be determined by looking at the coin's condition and judging how much wear and tear it has endured.

The value of a 1928 silver coin in circulated condition ranges from $35 to $200, depending on the place of minting. The prices for S versions tend to be lower compared to the regular versions unless you reach the higher grades. At the upper levels, S coins are priced significantly higher than their non-S counterparts. Uncirculated coins, or those that have never been used, can be worth more than $500.

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The Value of 1928 Silver Dollar's Grading

1928 Silver Dollar Grading System

Grading is the process of evaluating the condition and preservation of a coin, and it is one of the most important factors that determine the coin's value. A silver dollar in excellent condition can fetch a premium price, while one that has been heavily circulated and shows significant wear will be worth less.

A 1928 silver coin in circulation is expected to fetch anywhere between $35 and $200, depending on its condition and where it was minted. An uncirculated 1928 silver coin, may sell for around $500.

If you happen to have a pristine 1928 silver dollar coin, you might have struck gold, as once an MS 65+ sold for an astounding $78,000. Other 1928 silver dollars have also sold for tens of thousands of dollars, making them quite valuable.

Therefore, the value of a 1928 silver dollar is directly proportional to its grading, and it is essential to have it professionally evaluated to determine its value. The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) uses the following grading system to grade the 1928 Silver Dollar.

  1. Uncirculated (MS-60, 61, 62): Uncirculated coins that have many bag marks or other flaws, such as those with poor luster.
  2. Select Uncirculated (MS-63): The coin has no trace of wear and retains all the sharpness and luster of the day it was minted. There might be some minor flaws that do not detract from its overall appeal or detract from its value as an investment.graded MS-62.
  3. Choice Uncirculated (MS-64): The coin is free from any trace of wear and retains sharpness and luster, making it a premium-grade example. A few marks or hairlines may be present, but this coin's overall appeal and value as an investment should stay intact.
  4. Gem Uncirculated (MS-65,66): The coin has no traceable wear, but there may be minor flaws or signs of contact with other coins.
  5. Superb Gem Uncirculated (MS-67, 68, 69): Very few coins will grade this high. The only way to tell the difference between a coin in this range and flawless is by looking at the eye appeal. A coin with superior eye appeal will have more brilliance and luster than one without.
  6. Perfect Uncirculated (MS70): This is the highest possible grade for a coin that has never been circulated before. It's scarce for any coin to reach this level of perfection, but if you find one with all of its original luster intact, it may be worth quite a lot of money!

The Value of 1928 Silver Dollar Errors

You may not have known that some 1928 silver coins are worth a lot more than their face value. These errors are very collectible and can bring a nice price.

  • An upside-down “S” mint mark was accidentally made by the San Francisco mint, making this particular coin extremely valuable and rare. The rarest of them all is the “Inverted Mint Mark”, making it a sought-after item for any avid collector.
  • The “Double Die” coin is one of the most popular errors among collectors. It is caused when a die which was designed to imprint one side of the coin, accidentally stamps two images, instead.
  • The “1928-D Struck Over a 1927-D Dime” made in Denver is an extremely rare coin. The estimated population suggests that only 24 pieces are present in the world!

If you have one, you must be aware of its worth. To make sure that you get the correct appraisal for your priceless coin, it’s best to take it to an expert. Even if it's not the most expensive, remember that its beauty is unique – making it a great addition to your collection. Don't miss out on the chance to let it be part of your memories!

History Of the 1928 Silver Dollar

History Of The 1928 Silver Dollar

This coin was minted in 1928, and it's the fourth in a series of coins that commemorated the end of World War I. The coin was known as a Peace Dollar because it commemorated the peaceful resolution of World War I. Anthony de Francisci created the Peace dollar design, first issued for circulation in 1921. United States government minted the Peace dollar in 1921 to symbolize its desire for world peace after World War I.

The first World War ended with amazing speed—President Harding officially proclaimed an end to hostilities against Germany in November 1921. The first coins in the Peace dollar collection were minted right before Christmas after artists had been asked to produce some peace coin ideas.

Features Of the 1928 Silver Dollar

1928 Silver Dollar features

This coin has some unique features that make it stand out from other silver dollars produced by the United States Mint. Here are some of the most notable characteristics:

The Obverse Of the 1928 Silver Dollar

The front side of a 1928 silver dollar features Lady Liberty with her hair streaming in the wind. She wears a tiara in the style of those worn by European queens; it has an inscription that reads “LIBERTY” along the top. The phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” appears beneath her chin. The bottom of the coin reads “1928,” and is positioned beneath Lady Liberty.

The Reverse Of the 1928 Silver Dollar

The reverse of the 1928 Silver Dollar features an eagle perched on a rock with its wings spread. He is holding an olive branch in his talons with a brilliant sunburst rising over the horizon on the lower right side of the coin.

Across the top edge of the coin are inscribed words that read “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” The phrase “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” which translates as “out of many one,” is directly below the main seal. These two words are at the bottom of the back: “One Dollar.” The word PEACE is inscribed at the bottom center of the coin to communicate the need for peace.

Other Features

  • Metal Composition: The 1928 Silver Dollar is one of the most sought-after 90% silver coins issued by the United States Mint.
  • Edge: The edges of this coin have a reeded edge with no lettering or other markings.
  • Size and Weight: The 1928 Silver Dollar measures 38.1 millimeters in diameter, the same size as the Morgan Dollar. It weighs 26.73 grams (0.77 ounces), the same as the Morgan Dollar.
  • Mint Marks: The mint mark on this coin is located on the reverse side of the coin, below ‘1' in ‘ONE DOLLAR.' It is an ‘S,' which indicates that the coin was minted in San Francisco (California). Four different mint marks can appear on this coin: D (Denver), S (San Francisco), O (New Orleans), and P (Philadelphia).


Silver dollars have always been a metal enthusiast's favorite, given the coin's unique composition and design. The coins are minted yearly and makeup only a tiny fraction of the total produced. The prices for this coin will range wildly depending on the condition, with uncirculated pieces approaching $500.

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