Do you own a collection of 1942 half-dollar coins? If so, you may be wondering what their current value is. Keeping up with the changing prices can be difficult, so this article will provide an in-depth look at the value of the 1942 half-dollar and help you determine the worth of your collection.

The 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar is one of the most popular coins in the United States. As a result of its rich heritage and market value, this coin is highly sought after by collectors and investors alike. If you are a coin collector, there are many reasons to collect the 1942 Half Dollar. For instance, the coin was minted at the height of World War II, therefore, having a powerful symbolism.

So, you may be wondering what the 1942 half-dollar value is. This post covers everything you need to know about the 1942 Half-dollar value, including its history, rarity, grading, and potential worth. Read on to find out more!

1942 Half Dollar Value

The NGC Price Guide, which is considered a reliable source for coin valuations, states that a 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar in circulated condition can be worth anywhere between $11 and $32.50, depending on the coin's condition and other factors.

It's worth noting that the value of 1942 Half Dollars can vary widely, with some coins selling for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. For example, rare error coins or those with unique characteristics or variations may command high prices. As of February 2023, error coins can start at around $10,000, while proof coins might cost more than $30,000.


Brief History Of The 1942 Half-Dollar Coin

Brief History Of The 1942 Half-Dollar Coin

Due to the fact that it was released during a time of immense national turmoil, the 1942 half-dollar is a cherished part of American history. Designed by Adolph A. Weinman, the coin depicts a striding Lady Liberty.

Even though the Act of April 2, 1792, gave the government the green light to begin minting half dollars, they didn't actually enter circulation until December 17, 1794. In its original form, a half dollar had a purity of 0.8924 and weighed 208 grains. Lawfully, this standard was altered on January 18, 1837, to 206-1/4 grains and.900 fineness.

In fact, until 1965, this granularity was the standard. When silver became scarce, coin manufacturing ceased in 1947. The characteristic ridges on these coins are the result of a minting technique called “reeding,” which also serves to deter any attempt at counterfeiting.

Understanding the 1942 Half Dollar Coin Value

There are three types of 1942 Half Dollar coins, each with a different value. The price is also affected by grade, which is determined by the coin's condition and ranges from good to uncirculated.

Given that there are 71,520,920 half-dollar coins minted so far, it is easy to see that the 1942  Half Dollar coin is not a rare coin, and the value reflects this. The following are the variants of the 1942 half-dollar coins and their associated values:

1942 Half Dollar

There is no mint mark beneath the date on this typical 1942 half-dollar. This coin is reasonably common and costs between $13 and $24. Depending on the state, the pricing may change.

1942 Half-Dollar S

This is a San Francisco Mint version of the 1942 half-dollar. The “S” Mint Mark and the year were also struck into the coin. Furthermore, the coin is widely circulated, making it relatively inexpensive. However, because of the unique mark it bears, it may be worth more than a standard 1942 half-dollar. Prices start at $13 and go up to $24.

1942 Half-Dollar D

This coin is the Denver variant. The coin has the date and the Denver Mint's “D” mintmark. The coin is extremely widespread and costs between $13 and $24.

1942 Half-Dollar Proof Coins

The Value Of 1942 Half-Dollar Proof Coins

Proof 1942 half dollars are more valuable than regular coins because of their limited mintage relative to other years, the fact that most proofs were not made available for purchase, and the rarity of PR67 and PR68 coins. From an affordable $422 to a staggering $30,000, the price of a 1942-proof coin varies widely.

Pro Tips:

  • Present the coin well: When selling your 1942 half-dollar coin, it's important to present it in the best possible light. Store the coin in a coin holder or protective case and include any information about the coin's history or rarity.
  • Focus on error and proof coins: Error and proof coins are rarer and more valuable than standard 1942 half dollars. If you have an error or proof coin, it's wise to focus on selling it first, as it is likely to fetch a higher price.

Factors Affecting The Value Of The 1942 Half-Dollar

Factors Affecting The Value Of The 1942 Half-Dollar

Different factors influence the value of a 1942 half dollar just as they do with other collector coins. Following are some general elements that can affect a coin's value.

  • Mintage

The term “mintage” describes the number of coins made in a given year, mint, and denomination. A coin's worth and rarity are directly impacted by its mintage; generally, a coin with a lower mintage is more valuable and rare.

The mintage of the 1942 half-dollar coin, in particular, significantly impacts its value. The 1942 half-dollar coin is valued more by collectors if there was a limited mintage since rarer coins are thought to be more valuable. The coin might be more widely distributed and lose value if the mintage was high.

  • Condition

The 1942 half-dollar is no exception to the rule that a collector coin's value is significantly influenced by its condition. A coin in good shape is valued higher than one that has been damaged or used. A coin is considered “uncirculated” if it has never been used and is still in perfect condition.

  • Age

A collector coin's value, particularly that of the 1942 half-dollar coin, can be impacted by age. Older coins are typically valued higher than contemporary ones because of their rarity and historical relevance.

A coin is more likely to have a high value the longer it has been in circulation. With regard to the 1942 half-dollar coin, its age alone might raise its worth because it was made at a crucial period of history. The value of an older coin increases with its rarity.

  • Metal Content

A collector coin's value is influenced by its metal content, which is the type of metal that was used in its creation. This value is based on the metal's current market price.

The value of the 1942 half-dollar coin depends on the price of silver because it is 90% silver and 10% copper in composition. The 1942 half-dollar coin is a desirable investment for collectors since its value rises along with the price of silver.

  • Popularity Among Collectors

A coin's level of interest or demand among coin collectors and speculators is a reliable sign of how common it is. When coin collectors become obsessive over a particular coin, prices typically increase because of the increased demand. The currency's higher value is a direct outcome of increased demand.

Bottom Line

The 1942 Half-dollar is a valuable coin for collectors, with market prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the coin's condition. The 1942 half dollar is quite common and thus relatively affordable to collect. If you plan to collect the coin, we recommend focusing on error and proof coins, as these are the rarest and most valuable.

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