To avoid spending hours searching for the perfect antique floor lamp, read this comprehensive guide for complete information on the most valuable antique lamps. You can identify the best antique floor lamps without a problem and even know their value when creating your lamp collection.

What is most lovely about antique floor lamps is their ability to set the tone for any space. Its colour, texture, and even design all impact how your guests feel when they walk into your room.

Buying an antique floor lamp can be the best decision ever. It is the perfect piece to tie a room together or an investment that can grow in value over time. These lamps come in different designs and colours. Their value also greatly depends on their company of manufacture and rarity. Most of the rarest lamps are always of high value because of their unique features and the quality of the materials used to manufacture them.

How Can You Tell If A Floor Lamp Is Vintage?

You can have an antique lamp, but you are still determining if it's it. You can identify an antique lamp from your lamp collection in ways. They include:

The Type of Lamp

The Type of Lamp

How do you know the kind of antique lamp in your collection? The features and characteristics of the common types of antique lamps are shown below.

  • Student lamps – The student lamps are antique kerosine lamps invented in the 1890s. They were explicitly created for reading. It has a kerosine tank separated from the main lamp and a swing that serves as a handle. Its prices vary and can go from $500 to $22 000.
  • Tiffany lamps –  These are antique brass lamps made in the 1970s. The lamps are designed with glass shades of different colours and a knob to switch them on and off. Their prices always range from $100 000 to $150 000.
  • Cruise lamps – These lamps were created in the 1600s. Their design is to provide light via a bowl-like container that holds oil and a channel for the wick to burn. Their prices are always around $214.
  • Argand lamp – These are Switzerland lamps that were created in the 1780s. The lamps are built with a separate burner with a cylindrical wick containing the flame. Its price range from $715 to $4 884.

The Accessories of the Lamp

The Accessories of the Lamp

Check for accessories like bone, ivory, quartz, tourmaline, and other rare characteristics to identify an antique lamp. They also have bulbs. Also, if the lampshade is of glass, it may be antique.

Manufacturer Label

Antique Floor Lamps

The manufacturer is an indicator of the manufacturer. The antique lamps were designed by prestigious companies that labelled their logo on the lamp. You can also check out symbols that indicate the hallmark. Some popular antique lamps with logos include Handel company, Tiffany studios, Edward Miller company, and Dirk van Erp Studio.

How to Value Antique Floor Lamps?

Most antique lamps are of great value. However, knowing that an antique lamp can be modern but of lower value is very important. Several factors contribute to the value of an antique lamp. The following are the factors that determine the valuation of an antique lamp.


Age is the most significant factor affecting an antique lamp's valuation. Some of the most valued antique lamps were made centuries ago, and the manufacturing companies are no longer producing them. Since the lamps were created long ago, they have become rare and, as a result, attract high value.


The type of antique lamps affects their value. It is irrespective of age, which is a significant factor in the price of the lamp; the type of the lamp overrules it. For example, the Tiffany lamps are of great value than most highly valued lamps, but it is not one of the oldest.


Even though an antique age and rarity may affect the price of an antique lamp, its condition matters a lot. It can be of great value if you have an antique lamp in good shape and all its accessories are intact. But if some accessories are missing and there are damages, the value will be deducted from its original value.


Some manufacturers are known to produce better lamps than others. It is why you will find that lamps from a specific manufacturer are always of more excellent value than the rest of the antique lamps. For example, the appraisers value Dirk Van Erp Studio more than the regular lamp from typical manufacturers.

Material and Design

The material used to make a lamp greatly affects its value. For example, is the oil reservoir of the lamp made of bronze or brass? What material is the lampshade? Is the material glass or porcelain? What of the pattern? Is it a full shade or just cut with some patterns? All these features of the design and material used will affect its value.

Where to Buy Antique Floor Lamps?

Antique Floor Lamp Buying

After identifying an antique lamb and its value, you might be interested in purchasing it. Antique lamps are available in various places around the world. To find out where you can find an antique lamb of great value, visit the following sites.

Local Antique Stores

To find a local antique store, you must look for antique stores commonly known for carrying furniture and fixtures. Such stores always have valuable types of antique lamps for sale. The advantage of visiting such stores is the ability to select a lamp individually. It not only saves you from shipping costs but also ensures you choose a lamp of high value that meets your planned budget.

Online Auction Houses

You will also find antique lamps on online auction websites. The auction websites offer unusual but regional-specific lamps. These lambs have great features and are usually of high value. The websites include Ruby Lane and 1stDibbs.

Online Platforms

Shoppers are increasingly looking to stand out in their collections of the best antique lamps, which is why they turn. Etsy is an online site that sells various types of antique lamps, from the rarest ones to the most common ones, from the most valuable to the less valuable ones.

But while shopping on such a site, it is essential that you carefully inspect the lamp before purchasing it to ensure that you take the correct lamp home.

How to Care For and Maintain Antique Floor Lamps?

Antique floor lamps are valuable and precious items that require proper care and maintenance to preserve their beauty and functionality. Here are some important tips for caring for and maintaining antique floor lamps:

Cleaning and Polishing:

Regular cleaning and polishing can help to maintain the appearance of antique floor lamps. The cleaning process should involve gentle methods such as dusting with a soft cloth, using a mild soap solution to remove dirt, and wiping with a dry cloth to avoid water damage.

Brass, copper, and silver lamps can be polished using a metal cleaner, while painted or enameled lamps should be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner.

Preserving Original Features:

One of the main appeals of antique floor lamps is their original features, such as the lampshade, base, or finial. These should be preserved whenever possible. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can cause damage to the lamp's surface or finish. If there are any missing or damaged parts, consult with a professional to restore the lamp to its original state.

Electrical Safety and Rewiring:

Antique floor lamps may have outdated or unsafe electrical wiring. It's important to have them checked by a professional electrician to ensure that they are safe to use. If the wiring needs to be replaced, it should be done by a qualified professional using appropriate wiring and electrical components that are consistent with the original wiring.

Proper Storage and Display:

When storing antique floor lamps, it's important to ensure that they are stored in a dry, cool, and dust-free location. Wrap them carefully in acid-free tissue paper and store them in acid-free boxes. When displaying antique floor lamps, avoid placing them in direct sunlight or near sources of heat. They should be placed on stable and level surfaces, away from areas with high traffic.


Identifying an antique lamp is easy. Just check out the manufacturer's label, its accessories, and the lamp type. These features of the antique lamps will affect not only the age of the lamp but its price too.

Antique lamps vary in price due to their varying characteristics. So before buying an antique lamp, carefully examine the lamp, you are targeting and announce your price. You can choose the best lamp that fits your budget needs and your need to decorate your room.

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