If you are a coin collector, you know very well how astronomical the value of certain coins can be. The perfect coin can make you a fortune, but only if you know its value. This post examines the most valuable gold quarter,  its worth, and the market it commands.

Have you heard of gold coins? They are coins primarily made from 22-24 karat gold, some of which can be particularly valuable. Such coins are rare and highly sought after by collectors. This makes them the perfect investment option for those looking for a different type of asset. Want to learn more about gold quarters?

Whether you are an investor looking for a different asset to diversify your investment portfolio or just an enthusiastic coin collector looking for a rare find, this article is for you. Here, we will discuss the most valuable gold quarter in depth to help you better appreciate its worth and how you can get your hand on one. Sounds interesting? Let's jump right in!

Overview of Gold Quarters

Overview of gold quarters and their history

In the United States, gold coins have existed since the 18th century! Early gold coins include the 1903 Louisiana Purchase Exposition dollar and the 1916 McKinley Memorial dollar. The interest in gold coins at the time was, however, overshadowed by the popularity of similar silver coins.

Currently, gold quarters come in two varieties: genuine gold quarters and quarter-eagles. The difference between the two is that quarter-eagles contain more gold and therefore have a higher value. In comparison to the early 20th century, the United States' manufacturing of gold coins has drastically decreased.

However, as a commemorative currency, the Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Coin was created in 2016, and 91,752 pieces were put into circulation. The coins still hold a  special place in the hearts of many American collectors, as they remind them of the country’s past and rich history.

The Most Valuable Gold Quarters

The Most Valuable Gold Quarters

As you may know, gold coins have been around for a very long time—from the 1700s. As a result, there are numerous valuable gold coins in circulation. Keep in mind that the majority of these coins were genuinely in circulation and, as a result, should have some signs of use.

There were proof coins, of course, which should still be in perfect shape. We, however, recommend you pay extra attention when dealing with such coins; if a coin is too perfect, it could be a fake!

That said, the following is a compilation of some of the most valuable gold quarter coins.

Coin Name Metallic Composition Mintage Year Estimated Value (Uncirculated)
1808 Capped Bust Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle Gold: 92%

Silver & Copper: 8%

1808 $2,350,000
1796 Turban Head Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle: No Stars On Obverse Gold: 92%

Silver & Copper: 8%

1796 $2,160,000
1796 Turban Head Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle: With Stars On Obverse Gold: 92%

Silver & Copper: 8%

1796 $1,380,000
1798 Turban Head Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle Gold: 92%

Silver & Copper: 8%

1798 $763,750
1807 Capped Bust Right $2.50 Quarter Eagle Gold: 92%

Silver & Copper: 8%

1807 $587,500
1821 Capped Head Left Quarter Eagle Gold: 92%

Silver & Copper: 8%

1821 $558,125
1854 S Coronet Head Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle Gold: 90%

Silver & Copper: 10%


1854 $551,147
1804 Turban Head Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle: 13 Star Reverse Gold: 92%

Silver & Copper: 8%


1804 $505,250
1825 Capped Head Left Quarter Eagle Gold: 92%

Silver & Copper: 8%

1825 $499,375
1848 Coronet Head Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle: Cal Gold: 90%

Silver & Copper: 10%

1848 $552,000

What Factors Affect the Value of Gold Quarters?

What factors affect the value of gold quarters

While gold is the main factor that determines the value of gold quarters, there are a few other factors that can influence their worth. The following are some of the considerations to keep in mind when assessing the value of gold quarters:

  • Mint Condition: Much weight is placed on the state of preservation of the Gold quarter. Coins that have seen only light use will normally be valued more than those with significant wear and tear.
  • Rarity: The rarity of a gold quarter can also affect its value. If it is a rare coin, it will likely be worth more than a more common coin.
  • Grade: The grade of a gold quarter is also important. High-grade coins are typically worth more than those that are lower grades.
  • Error coins: Error coins are coins that have a manufacturing error. These coins can be worth significantly more than regular coins.

Pro Tip(s):

Gold coins have experienced a growth in value of over 60% in just four years, making them a strong potential return on investment. As an investor, you should consider investing in such coins as they will guarantee a good return, if not in the short run, then in the long run.

Where Should I Buy Gold Coins?

Where Should I Buy Gold Coins

Now that you are convinced that gold coins are a wise investment, you may be wondering where to buy them. Worry not; we have you covered. One thing before we jump in: always be keen when buying gold coins; make sure you do the following to avoid getting duped:

  • Inspect the Coin: When examining a gold coin, look for any signs of wear or damage that may indicate it's a fake. Examine the edges, lettering, and design elements closely, and use a magnifying glass to inspect the surface for any irregularities.
  • Test the Gold: Use a gold testing kit to verify the purity of the gold. This can help you determine if the coin is genuine or if it's made from a cheaper metal that has been plated with gold.
  • Research the Seller: Ensure the seller is credible and has a strong track record before buying a gold coin. Check other purchasers' feedback and ratings, and see if the vendor is part of a respectable coin-collecting association.

That said, the following is the list of the best places where you should look for gold coins:

  • Money Metals
  • SD Bullion
  • Golden Eagle Coins
  • JM Bullion

Pro Tip(s):

All reputable US minting merchants are listed on the official website of the US Mint. The list can be more effectively filtered based on your location.

Bottom Line

Gold coins are the perfect investment asset for anyone looking to invest in coins. The value of the coins is always backed by the value of gold, which is consistently increasing. The most expensive gold quarter is the 1808 Capped Bust Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle auctioned for $2,350,000.

This just goes to show that gold coins are very valuable and can be a great way to increase your wealth. If you are looking to invest in gold coins, we recommend researching the coins you are interested in and understanding the current market value of each coin.

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