Is the 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware spoon, fork, knife, or another utensil worth anything, even though it is a rare and exciting product? Keep reading to find out the 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware Value and more valuable facts.

Are you curious about the value of your silverware, whether it is an inheritance or a few pieces you picked up at a garage or field? Silverware is more valuable than regular cutlery made of stainless steel, but it still needs to be the goldmine you may be hoping it is. Having an 1847 Rogers Brothers Silverware is exciting.

What Is The 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware Value?

The date “1847” on some Rogers Bros silverware refers to the year that Rogers Bros patented their method of silver-plating rather than the year that the product was manufactured, so not all Rogers Bros silverware can be considered antique. So, you should expect to get less for your set of Rogers Bros. silverware.

A single spoon may go for approximately ten dollars. However, more valuable patterns and designs can fetch prices of several thousand dollars. The primary reason is that silverware manufactured by Rogers Bros is quite common and not made of solid silver or sterling silver.

Learn how to determine the value and see exceptional examples of 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware worth much more by reading on.

Rogers Brothers Silverware History

Rogers Brothers Silverware History

Before we head to the 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware Value, let's first understand where all this silverware concept started.

In 1820, William Rogers began his apprenticeship as a professional watchmaker and silversmith. Later, he and his partner, John Rogers, formed the silverware brand. In addition, they began producing silver flatware and hollowware when he went into business with his brother Asa Rogers.

The International Silver Co., which included ‘Rogers' silversmiths, used the trademark Rogers Bros. They used this trademark from 1898 to 1981. therefore, some of your silver wares could be forty or fifty years old.

With that, let's focus on the factors that will determine the value of your Rogers Bros Silverware.

How to Determine the Value of 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware

If you have the 1847 Rogers Brothers Silverware, you must be eager to find the actual value of the set. Below are its determinants:

Symbols and Design

Symbols and design

The silverware set, which dates from 1879 to the present, features numerous intricate engravings. Patterns such as Acme, Alaska, Beauty, Beloved, Berwick, and many more raise the item's value. Expert silver appraisers will be able to tell if the spoon's pattern is consistent with Rogers' production because they are familiar with these designs.

However, the silverware produced by Wm. Rogers bears the company's name in the form of a stamp or mark. The silver content, the owner (in some cases), and the manufacturing date are all shown.

The triple plate or A-1 markings indicate the silver-plated cutlery and tableware. The true worth of silverware depends significantly on its unique markings and designs.

Its Industrial Age or Year of Manufacture

Its industrial age or year of manufacture

The Rogers hollowware is extremely rare because of its historical significance. An item's value increases with time. A knife, fork, or spoon made by Rodgers Bros is the best of its kind, so keep your eyes peeled for any old ones you might find. The antiquity's fascinating backstory increases its desirability and certainty.

Predicament or The Condition of the Item

Predicament or the condition of the item

The condition of a piece of sterling silver is another factor that attracts the attention of potential buyers. The value of silver-plated Roger's silverware may decrease if it develops blemishes or heel wear.

Since cutlery such as forks and spoons cannot be polished, the effort required to maintain them is not justified. The most critical factor in setting a fair price for a Rogers silverware set is the overall condition of the collection.

Furthermore, do you know that not all silverware is made purely of silver? Read on to find out.

Is Silver Plate the Same As Sterling Silver?

Silver is a precious metal that is highly sought after and often comes in the form of sterling silver. Original silver refers to silver in its purest form, which is found in the Earth's crust. Most silver is mined along with gold, copper, zinc, and lead, but some are extracted separately.

Silver, a relatively malleable metal, is commonly used to create jewelry and other ornamental items. Because of its softness, sterling silver typically contains 7.5% copper to make it more durable and long-lasting. To be considered solid silver, an item must be at least 92.5% pure silver.

However, Silver plate refers to jewelry and other products made primarily of another metal (typically brass) and coated with a thin layer of silver. The item's silver appearance is achieved by being made of brass and then dipped in a silver solution.

Since the silver is merely a coating, its thickness can vary, making it vulnerable to wear and tear and occasional over-polishing, both of which cause it to lose its luster over time. Neither the 925 mark nor a hallmark will be present on silver-plated items.

Due to that, you may wonder if the 1847 Rogers Brothers Silverware is pure silver or not. Let's find out:

Is 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware Made Out of Solid Silver?

1847 Rogers Bros silverware made out of solid silver

As a matter of fact, in 1847, Rogers Bros was granted a patent for a technique that would allow them to silver-plate metals. Because of this, they could use less expensive metals for the bulk of each piece, covering them with a thin layer of silver. This means the items were sold at a discount and are less valuable now than when first purchased. It has a low scrap metal value as well.

But are there 1847 Rogers Brothers Silverware that are worth much? Yes, let's find out below.

1847 Rogers Brothers Silverware

Store Your 1847 Rogers Brothers Silverware

Here are some examples of rare and expensive 1847 Rogers Bros. silverware

Grapes Motif

Grapes Motif

It is one of the most costly collections ever put up for auction as of this writing. The estimated cost is $3,400, which works out to just $30 per piece of cutlery. Its worth is when it comes as a whole, is functional set-in good condition, and features an attractive design. Buying everything sold separately would cost less than $30. this set has various cutlery, and serving utensils are included.

Siren Motif

Siren Motif

This exquisite antique silverware set from 1891 features a Siren design and is sure to impress. All 44 pieces are in pristine condition and can easily accommodate 8 diners.

You can use the soup spoon, cake server, ice cream slice, and stilton cheese scoop in addition to the forks, knives, and spoons! The Siren pattern identifies each item with a mermaid-like creature, or siren, perched on the grip, in homage to the sirens of Greek mythology.

Marquise Motif

Marquise Motif

When the Marquise company folded in 1983, production of its iconic design was halted. This antique set could be as young as 40 or as old as 90. Still, the condition of this massive set is flawless, and it comes with a beautiful storage and display case.

The set went for $1,050 on eBay, which works out to about $12 per piece, which is about parred for silverplated Rogers and Bros silverware.

Daffodil Motif

Daffodil Motif

Since the daffodil motif was most popular in the 1940s and 1950s, the period immediately after World War II is now considered retro. However, the daffodils are exquisitely designed, and the collections are lovely.

There are 65 pieces in this set, enough to serve 12 people, and it retailed for $950 in the first quarter of 2022. The price per piece is around $14, which is reasonable. There is very little wear and tear on any items in this set.

First Love

First Love

This silverware set includes 101 pieces, which go for $405. It is considered vintage rather than antique; therefore, it won't fetch thousands of dollars at auction (manufactured within the last 100 years).

The First Love pattern is moderately elaborate without being over the top; the bulk of the handle is unadorned, with decoration limited to the outer edges. Having the original box can increase the value of the set slightly, but silver-plated cutlery is only worth a little.

How to Tell if It's Real Silver or Silver Plated

It's simple, look for a hallmark or a stamp indicating that the item is made of sterling silver. Inspect the clasp on any piece you think of purchasing. You should see”925/1000, “Sterling 9.25,” “S/S,” or a similar marking. The lack of these hallmarks makes it highly unlikely that the item in question is made of pure silver.

Unless otherwise stated, assume that the item is silver plated unless otherwise specified. Be sure to look closely at the item's hue, as real silver is usually darker and more relaxed than silverplate. The item is silver plated if the silver is flaking off or turning green at certain spots.

Remember that Tarnish occurs on real silver when exposed to air or other chemicals, but not on fake silver. Finally, Polish sterling silver with a soft cloth and silver cleaner to remove surface tarnish.

How to Store Your 1847 Rogers Brothers Silverware

When silver is only plated, as with Rogers Bros silverware, it scratches and dents easily. As a result, silverware should be kept in a soft case or bag to avoid rubbing against one another.

Silverware storage boxes and bags with soft flannel linings are a specialty of the industry. In addition, they are frequently treated to prevent or slow the rate of tarnishing, so proper storage will keep you from having to polish them every week.

Additionally, silverware is best kept in a cool, dry place. High temperatures and high humidity both hasten the tarnishing process.

How to Clean Your 1847 Rogers Brothers Silverware

Can you clean the silverware in the machine? The answer is yes. It's OK to put silverware in the dishwasher if it's relatively new or in good condition. Remove any watermarks with a microfiber cloth and a polishing motion once it's out of the packaging to slow the tarnishing process.

Bottom Line

If you have an 1847 Rogers Brothers Silverware and opt to sell it, you may not walk away empty-handed. However, you will only make much if you have a set of silverware listed above. However, now you know how to determine the value, clean, and store your 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware.

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