Looking to boost your knowledge as a coin collector? Learn all about the 1974 Washington quarter, from its history to its value chart in this comprehensive article. Discover the different types of 1974 quarters and what factors influence their final price.

If you are a coin collector, you might be interested in learning about the 1974 Washington quarter, one of the most widespread yet desirable collectible coins. The value of this quarter is relatively low, as they can easily be found on the market.

However, rare errors and exceptional grades may sell for higher. In this article, we will explore the history and design of the 1974 Washington quarter and discuss its various types and values. Whether you are new to coin collecting or a seasoned pro, boosting your knowledge with additional information is always helpful.

An Overview Of The 1974 Washington Quarter

An Overview Of The Historical Background Of The 1974 Washington Quarter

The 1974 Washington quarter has an intriguing background and remains a highly circulated coin in everyday transactions. This quarter, also referred to as the quarter dollar, was created to pay tribute to George Washington on the bicentennial anniversary of his birth.

The sculptor John Flanagan designed the pattern for the coin, which was first produced by US mints in 1932. While newer versions of the Washington quarter have higher mintages and are more widely available, the 1974 coins are still highly sought-after by collectors. They can be conveniently purchased through online auctions or vintage markets.

The 1974 Washington Quarter Dollar Design

The 1974 Washington Quarter Dollar Design

The 1974 Washington quarter dollar is a significant addition to any modern coin collection. With the rise of modern-era coin collecting, this particular coin has gained popularity among numismatists and investors alike.

Obverse Side

The obverse side of the coin showcases the beautifully detailed bust of President Washington, crafted by renowned sculptor Flanagan. The design features several inscriptions, including LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST, and a visible mint mark indicating the coin's place of origin.

Reverse Side

The reverse side, on the other hand, highlights the powerful symbolism of the bald eagle perching on a branch with a garland of olive branches below. The inscription of E PLURIBUS UNUM, which means “Out of many, one,” is a testament to the United States of America's values and identity.

The Value Of 1974 Quarter

Exploring the worth of a 1974 quarter involves delving into the unique factors that impact its final price. Although prices provided are intended to guide, keep in mind that values may fluctuate over time. The following are the primary types of 1974 quarters:

1. 1974-S Washington Quarter

1974-S Washington Quarter

The 1974-S Washington quarter originated from the U.S. San Francisco mint, with over 2.6 million coins produced. A PR69 1974-S quarter can be worth around $100, while a PR67 value can vary from $8 to $10. Proofs in uncirculated condition can reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

In 2009, the auction record for a 1974-S Proof Washington quarter dollar was $10,925!

2. 1974-D Washington Quarter

1974-D Washington Quarter

The “D” mint mark comes from the Denver Mint, where over 353 million quarters were produced in 1974. Certain 1974-D quarters can be worth hundreds of dollars. Those graded MS65+ might be valued at $260. The absolute auction record for an MS67+ 1974-D quarter was $1,450 in 2021. However, grades below MS65 can be worth just a few dollars or up to $45.

3. 1974 Quarter With No Mint Mark

1974 Quarter With No Mint Mark

1974 quarters without a mint mark were likely produced at the Philadelphia Mint. They usually have a low value, equivalent to their face value. Over 800 million quarters have been minted in Philadelphia.

However, some valuable quarters from 1974 were struck at the Philadelphia mint and can fetch an impressive sum when in excellent, uncirculated, or proof condition.

Note that the value may change based on the condition, grade, rarity, and provenance. In general, circulated 1974 quarters are only worth their face value. But anything graded MS67 or higher can be highly valuable.

In 2020, the auction record for a 1974 quarter dollar with no mint mark was $2,115!

4. The Value Of 1974 Quarter Errors

The Value Of 1974 Quarter Errors

1974 quarters are not exempted from having errors, and in some cases, these errors can actually increase the value of the coin. Here are some of the notable errors found in the 1974 quarters:

  • Die Cracks On The Reverse Side: One of the most common errors found in 1974 quarters is die cracks on the reverse side. While not necessarily rare, larger die cracks can increase the value of the coin. Look out for special error nicknames, such as “The Spitting Horse” or “Scarface,” which have recently gained popularity.
  • Double-Die Reverse Cracks: Another essential error found in 1974 quarters is double die reverse cracks. These coins can be valued at $50 or more, depending on the type of crack and its location.
  • Spitting Eagle: The “Spitting Eagle” error is one of the most popular and valuable errors for the Washington quarters.

Why Relying On Guesswork Can Cost You When Valuing Coins

Relying On Guesswork Can Cost You When Valuing Coins

If you're unsure of how to assess the value of your 1974 quarter, don't take any chances. Instead, seek assistance from a seasoned coin expert who can provide an accurate and unbiased evaluation.

While you can also use a reputable grading service to appraise your coin by sharing some pictures, an in-person inspection is still the best way to get a precise assessment. Though these services come at a cost, they can significantly impact your ability to sell your coin for the best price possible.


The 1974 Washington quarter is a fascinating piece of American numismatic history that remains popular among collectors today. While its value may not be as high as other rare coins, certain errors and exceptional grades can increase its worth significantly.

Understanding the different types of 1974 quarters and their factors of value can help collectors and investors make informed decisions when buying or selling these coins. Consulting with experts or reputable grading services can ensure an accurate appraisal and maximize the potential profit of a 1974 quarter.

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