Uncover the beauty and value of your 1921 Peace Silver Dollar with our fascinating guide. Delight in the intriguing history of this collectible coin and get a glimpse into its current market value in a captivating and alluring style.

The 1921 Peace Silver Dollar is considered a unique coin and a golden gem to collectors. Since they existed for a limited time, they are the most sought-after American coins. Additionally, their historical and cultural significance makes them coins that most collectors desire to possess.

Peace Silver Dollar coins have unique features and distinguishing errors that can make them even more valuable. Therefore, before selling out or buying a Peace Silver Dollar, it's best to carefully analyze your coin to ensure you're getting the best deal possible.

So, what is the value of the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar? Keep reading this article to learn how to identify 1921 Peace Silver Dollar coins and determine their value.

The History of the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar

1921 Peace Silver Dollar

The 1921 Peace Silver dollar was one of the two silver dollars minted in 1921 alongside the Morgan Silver Dollar. While it was unusual for the US mint to release two pieces with the same value in a year, the Peace Silver dollar is a gem.

It was designed by Anthony de Francisci and was released to commemorate the end of World War I and the establishment of peace. The obverse side featured a portrait of Liberty, while the reverse featured an eagle perched on a rock and an olive branch, symbolizing peace.

fThe coin was made of 90% silver and 10% copper and had a face value of one dollar. The mint made over a million coins of the Peace dollar, and it was considered the high-relief variant produced.

However, production stopped in 1928 after the Pittman Act conditions were fulfilled. Later, the Peace Silver dollar coins would be minted between 1934 and 1935, after which the Roosevelt dime replaced it.

What are the Various Grades of the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar?

One key step in determining a coin's value is to grade it. While grading the coin is a complex process, a specialist can help you analyze the coin's various aspects and how it maintains its quality over time. However, you should remember that grading a coin is a subjective process, and opinions can vary among coin specialists.

Like any other coin, the value of the 1921 peace dollar coin depends on its condition, which determines its grade. Some of the various grades of the 1921 Peace Silver dollar include:


The uncirculated 1921 peace dollar coins are the most valuable and highly sought after by collectors due to their rarity and condition. These coins have never been used or handled hence maintaining their initial quality.

They are in good shape and don't have any flaws in their artwork or texture despite being more than 100 years old. Collectors may use a magnifying glass to examine the coin and ascertain that its features haven't faded and the sheen glows throughout the entire design.

Extremely Fine

An extremely fine-graded 1921 Peace Dollar is also of high quality and highly sought after. These coins have been well-preserved and show minimal wear or damage. After circulating in the economy for years, some of the delicate elements may experience minor wear.

However, the piece will still have its original details visible and a sharp strike. Therefore, they will be quite appealing and in excellent condition making them more valuable.


While these coins have been well-preserved, they show moderate signs of wear and damage. Although they still maintain all of their intricacies and artwork. Fine-graded 1921 Peace Dollar coins may seem drabber, have a less sharp strike, and have less luster. However, they are still of decent quality and sought after by collectors. The collector will look for smoothness and flattening of the once-rounded rays emerging from the crown to grade a 1921 Peace Dollar ‘Fine.'


1921 Peace Silver Dollar coins in good condition show significant signs of wear and damage. While their writings and illustrations have suffered from severe deterioration, the well-drawn eagle on the reverse looks perfect. Some of their original details are visible, but much of the details are lost.

While good-graded 1921 Peace Silver Dollar coins may e of lower quality, they are still valuable thanks to their considerable scarcity.

What is the Value of the 1921 Peace Dollar?

What is the Value of the 1921 Peace Dollar

Due to its low mintage, the 1921 Peace Dollar has always been in high demand. However, the 1921 Peace Dollar value depends on the mint value and the coin's condition. Generally, 1921 Peace Dollar coins' worth could range from $82 to $4,150. This coin is highly valuable and among the highest priced among collectors. Even higher prices can be achieved at auction, such as a 1921 MS67 Peace Silver Dollar that sold for $132,000.00 in 2018.

Value-based on the Coin's Condition

Depending on the grade of the coin, the value of a 1921 Peace Dollar is summarized below:

Coin Condition Value
Uncirculated $368
Extremely Fine $161
Fine $111
Good $82

Error Coin Variants

Another factor that can enhance the value of the 1921 Peace Silver is the mint errors. These errors led to the production of coin variants with a unique appearance and very rare to find. Therefore, an error coin variant is highly sought after and hence more valuable. Here are some of the common error varieties of the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar coins that are highly valuable:

Error Coin Average Value
VAM 5A Scar Cheek $398.00
Obverse Struck Thru $299.95
Double Die Date/Liberty $199.99
Obverse Lamination $150.00–$350.00
Heavy Cracked Planchet $124.95

Strike Appeal

The striking appeal of your 1921 Peace Dollar coin may also inflate its value. When you closely examine two 1921 Peace Dollar pieces, you'll realize that they are not the same. Due to production issues, the mint didn't evenly produce the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar.

One of the coins may have a deeper pattern than the other or more outstanding hair details in the middle. This coin will have a deeper strike and be considered more desirable to collectors. The incomplete striking on the second coin makes it dull and less desirable.

Therefore, the aggressively struck coins are more valuable thanks to their exceptional luster and subtle blue and gold tones. Collectors also look at the strike quality of the coin to determine its value. Therefore, the 1921 Peace Silver Dollars that were boldly struck are the most valuable. While the other aspects of grading the coins may be similar, these distinctive features may significantly influence the piece's value.

Mint State

Like any other coin, the mint condition of the 1921 Peace Dollar may also affect its value. Collectors consider coins in their original state are Mint State uncirculated. These Peace Silver Dollars haven't lost their mint luster, don't exhibit any circulation damage, and are probably sealed in canvas mint bags.

These coins exhibit full mint brilliance and have no circulation flaws or dents. Mint State coins are usually rated from MS60 to MS70, which are considered perfect. Here is a table showing the value of the 1921 Peace Dollar based on their mint state:

Mint State Value
Mint State 61 $1000
Mint State 63/64 $1300
Mint State 65 $4150


Due to the low mintage of the coin, the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar is considered a relatively rare and highly valuable coin. However, various factors, including the coin's condition, uniqueness, and mint state, may significantly influence its value.

You should remember that the coin's value will fluctuate depending on time and market conditions. Therefore, there is no fixed value for the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar. Generally, the Peace Silver Dollar could have a value range of between $82 and $4,150.

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