If you're a baseball card collector, don't miss our comprehensive guide to the Most Valuable 1973 Topps Baseball Cards. Gain a better understanding of this exciting hobby with our comprehensive list of must-have 1973 Topps Baseball Cards!

As a significant facet of the sports card hobby, baseball cards have been among the most sought-after sports cards. And if you are still getting familiar with sports card trading, it is surprising that fewer bad condition cards can cost more than decent condition cards.

Knowing the worth of your card is essential. Therefore, this article informs you of the 15 most valuable 1973 Topps Baseball cards and their value so you know how to bargain in the market.

As you go through the 1973 Topps baseball cards checklist, one thing makes sense; several great rookie cards are available. Recently Topps released all 660 cards at once to enable collectors to no longer wait for their favourite players. These cards have excellent colour photography and a classic design. At the back are a comprehensive flow of information and a vertical orientation. You will also find the card number in the middle of the baseball graphic. However, there has been a mixed reaction to the design of these cards due to their simplicity.

1. 1973 Topps #380 Johnny Bench (PSA Value: $15,750)

1973 Topps #380 Johnny Bench

When he led the Cincinnati Reds between 1967 and 1983, Jonny Bench was a formidable hitter and the best catcher. He led All-Stars and future Hall of Farmers, reaching the World Series four times. While in Cincinnati, their potential earned the moniker “Big Red Machine.” the Johnny Bench card was earned while leading the Cincinnati team in 1973 when it made World Series History by sweeping the New York Yankees.

2. 1973 Topps #615 Mike Schmidt Rookie Card (PSA Value: $10, 000)

1973 Topps #615 Mike Schmidt Rookie Card

The Schmidt Card is made of paper and print with a couple of black borders on the reverse. It is a high-grade example that is hard to come across. In this card, Mike Schmidt rookie is pictured along with John Hilton and Roy Cey. The 1973 rookie card in today's market may not be a fire starter, but its blue-chip classic makes it worth big bucks.

3. 1973 Topps Complete Set Schmidt Ryan Mays Aaron NM-NM/MT (PSA Mint Value: $3,051.01)

1973 Topps Complete Set Schmidt Ryan Mays Aaron NM-NM-MT

This card displays a set of four players, including Mays, Aaron, Schmidt, and Ryan, who represent specific teams. These teams include the Pirates, Braves, Mets, Dodgers, and Padres. The card was in honour of them leading in their various teams during the Baseball League.

4. 1973 Topps #1 All-Time Home Run leaders (PSA 9 Mint Value: $3000)

1973 Topps #1 All-Time Home Run leaders

As one of the greatest players of all time, George Herman “Babe” Ruth excelled as a catcher and hitter and played around the field in a pitcher’s mood. When he joined the 1973 season, he stood atop the all-time home run leaders list with 714 while being closely followed by Hank Aaron and Willie Mays at 673 and 654, respectively.

5. 1973 Topps #220 Nolan Ryan (PSA Mint value: $2,500)

1973 Topps #220 Nolan Ryan

The 1973 Nolan Ryan season was an extreme exercise of six months, causing the “Ryanitis” cases across the American League. Ryan was a great baseball player, and many players were afraid to face him, claiming to get drilled by Ryan’s roller-coaster fastball. Ryan earned this card in the last game of a regular season, his 383rd card.

6. 1973 Topps #482 Rick Reaschel Chicago Cubs (PSA Mint Value: $2,000)

1973 Topps #482 Rick Reaschel Chicago Cubs

This card displays a photo of Rick Reaschel carrying a baseball. At the top are the card number and the year. Rick’s Chicago Cubs team is also written at the bottom left. The card's good value is due to the quality of the material it's from.

7. 1973 Topps baseball #237 Eddie Mathews (PSA Mint value: $ 1775)

1973 Topps baseball #237 Eddie Mathews

Eddie Mathews was a great player who made it to the big leagues while playing for his team. He was the first player to be featured on the cover of Sports and was the only man to play for Boston, Milwaukee. While playing in the Major Leagues, he hit 25 home runs, including a game against the Brooklyn team.

8. 1973 Topps #100 Hank Aaron (PSA Mint value: $1,600)

1973 Topps #100 Hank Aaron

This card features Aaron, one of the most feared hitters ever while catching a fly ball. Even though the image is not one of the best in Topps, this card is still very nice. The card was worn after an impressive play by Hank Aaron in the 1973 season. He was an excellent and consistent player that almost reached the rank of babe Ruth.

9. 1973 Topps #50 Roberto Clemente ( PSA Mint Value: $1500)

1973 Topps #50 Roberto Clemente

The Roberto Clemente's card was made in 1973 in honour of Roberto Clemente. The great baseball player died in a plane crash when he was going to deliver relief packages after the massive Managua earthquake. The Pittsburgh Pirates named Major League Baseball to Roberto Clemente Award in tribute. The card described him as someone who bets exemplifies the baseball game, sportsmanship, and involvement and contribution to his team.

10. 1973 #305 Topps Willie Mays (PSA Value: $1500)

1973 #305 Topps Willie Mays

Willie is among the five players with eight seasons topping the 100-RBI mark. He is mainly remembered for his iconic photograph of “The Catch.” The photo shows Willie making an over-shoulder grab of a long drive by Vic Wertz. Mays is arguably the most excellent centre fielder Major League baseball has ever had. Willie Mays returned to New York in 1973 to finish his career, a time when Topps captured Say Hey Gloaming in amazing pinstripes. Ashe obtains this card, his last; Mays looks downright feeble in the field.

11. 1973 Topps #247 Del Unser (Mint Value: $1450)

1973 Topps #247 Del Unser

Even though not so known, Del Unser had a great baseball career. He played baseball for 15 years until his retirement. During his career, he displayed longevity and stretches of brilliance in the game. Del Unser earned this card in the 1973 MLB season in Cleveland. It was after the deal with Philadelphia Phillies from the Cleveland Indians that brought him closer to this winnings. He was near the top of the national League leaderboards by the end of June 1973 with 0.345 average points.

12. 1973 Topps #245 Carl Yastrzemski (PSA Mint value: $1400)

1973 Topps #245 Carl Yastrzemski

Carl was a great player in the American League East and even took the top spot for the first time in the Divisional Era. After playing in the 17972 MLB Playoffs, Carl prepared for the 1973 season, where he was a fantastic player. He ended up earning a card for his great playing tactics.

13. 1973 Topps #230 Joe Morgan (PSA Mint value: $1, 250)

1973 Topps #230 Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan was a player in the Cincinnati team, and during the regular season, he made an All-Star appearance and finished number four in the National League’s MVP balloting. He was worthy of this cardy after leading the Reds frequently.

14. 1973 Topps #130 Pete Rose (PSA Mint Value: $1,100)

1973 Topps #130 Pete Rose

The 9173 Pete Rose card shows a photograph of the great player, his name, and the team while waiting to make a hit. During the Pittsburgh Pirates award, Pete garnered 24 votes, qualifying him for the prize. Pete was a legendary player who had a malleable approach while gaming.

15. 1973 Topps #449 Indians manager/Coaches (PSA Mint Value: 900)

1973 Topps #449 Indians manager-Coaches

Even though there are various top manager/coach cards, this one is exemplary. The cards are strange but have variating features, such as pictures of the coach’s ear and background colouration. The #449 Indians manager/coach shows the ear of Warren Sphan’s ear, which appear rounded.


The Mike Schmidt is the most iconic rookie card in history and the vintage segment of the hobby. Other cards like Willie Mays and Roberto Clemente are also Topps base cards.

Several factors, including scarcity, condition, and players, determine the price range of these baseball cards. All the baseball cards can be a speculative investment, so if you own any of the 1973 Topps baseball cards, it's time to earn some money!

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