If you are a coin collector, the Barber quarter is a must-have for your collection. Depending on how well-preserved the coin is, it could sell for anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand! In this post, you will learn all the key facts about Barber quarters, including value estimates and tips for buying and selling.

The Barber quarter is an iconic and beautiful coin that has been around since 1892. The coin's iconic design is something that many numismatists and collectors find appealing, making it one of the most sought-after coins in the United States. The downside, however, of the  Barber quarter is that they are not particularly rare, and therefore a standard coin will not fetch a significant amount of money. To fetch a higher value, the coin has to be in mint condition or be an error coin.

Don't know how to evaluate the value of your Barber quarter? This guide will provide you with an overview of Barber quarter values so you can decide on the true worth of your coin. Read on to learn more!

Brief History Of Barber Quarters

Brief history of Barber quarters

Barber quarters, also known as Liberty Head quarters, are among the most iconic coins in United States history. The coin's iconic design is thanks to Charles E. Barber, who was commissioned by Edward  O. Leech, the Director of the United States Mint, to redesign the quarter, particularly requesting that the head of Liberty be used instead of the seated figure on the reverse side.

The coin had a couple of notable years, including 1896, 1901, 1909, and 1913, making the coin one of the most sought-after coins by American coin collectors.

How Much Are Barber Quarters Worth?

1896 S

As prementioned, the value of Barber Quarters can vary greatly depending on the condition and rarity of the coin. Typically the value ranges from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. The following table shows the value of some of the more valuable Barber quarters available:

Coin Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated
1896 S $1029.00 $2547.00 $5708.00 $19960.00
1901 S $5842.00 $18326.00 $33975.00 $53392.00
1909 O $46.00 $455.00 $1029.00 $3874.00
1913 S $1855.00 $5708.00 $11087.00 $22439.00

Most Valuable Barber Quarters

1901-S 25C

So, what are the most valuable Barber quarters in the market? Many factors come into play, including the coin's grade, condition, and mintage. Barber coins with S mint marks tend to have higher values due to the lower mintage.

The most valuable quarter, however, is the 1904 Barber quarter with the New Orleans mint mark—San Francisco did not mint any quarters during that year. If you are wondering which  Barber quarter is the most valuable, the following is a rundown of the top five most valuable Barber quarters:

Coin Grade Value
1901-S 25C MS68 $550,000.00
1913-S 25C MS68 $172,500.00
1911 25C PR69 $102,000.00
1896-S 25C MS66 $96,000.00
1899 25C PR69 $90,000.00

Barber Quarter Error Value

Barber quarter errors can be fascinating and valuable finds. Some of the more common errors associated with this series of coins include different hub variety errors, doubled and tripled dies, re-punched mint marks, and re-punched and misplaced dates.

The auction record for a Barber quarter with two reverse die errors was $96,000 in 2020. This is the highest amount for any Barber quarter ever auctioned so far, but the overall auction record for a Barber quarter error is $172,500 in 2005. This coin had a severe obverse die crack.

Pro Tip(s):

Collect rare error types: When collecting Barber quarters, keep an eye out for rare error types, such as double die. These errors can significantly increase the coin's value.

Factors that Affect Barber Quarter Values

Factors that Affect Barber Quarter Values

As with other coins,  the value of Barber Quarters is determined by a number of factors. The following are some of the common factors that affect the value of Barber Quarters:

Metalic Composition:

The value of Barber Quarters is largely determined by the coin's silver content. The higher the silver content of a coin,  the higher its value. For the Barber quarter,  the fact that it is composed of 90% silver and 10% copper has a positive effect on its value.

This means that the coin is worth at least the value of  90% of the current silver spot price. If the coin is in good condition, you are guaranteed to get at least its silver content in value.

Mint Marks:

Mint marks are an indication of where a coin was made and can have a significant impact on the value of certain coins. Different mints make different variations of the same coin, and these variations can have a significant impact on the value of the coin.

There are three distinct mint markings on Barber quarters: O for New Orleans, S for San Francisco, and D for Denver, Colorado. No mint marks may be found on Philadelphia-minted coins.

Error Coins:

Error coins are coins that have been minted with some type of defect. Because of their scarcity, these coins fetch a premium above common ones. Several possible errors can occur during the minting process, and some of these errors can greatly boost the coin’s value.

The use of incorrect metal, double strikes, off-center strikes, and die breaks are just a few of the frequent errors that can occur.

Pro Tip(s):

Be aware of market trends: The value of Barber coins can fluctuate over time based on changes in market demand and supply. If you're looking to buy or sell Barber coins, being up on market trends and industry news is essential. Consider joining online communities or local coin-collecting clubs to stay informed and connect with other collectors.

Bottom Line

Barber quarters are a good investment for coin collectors, especially in mint condition. The coins are highly sought after and can fetch a high price depending on the year, condition, and mint mark.

If you are in the market for  Barber quarters, always look out for rare coins such as errors and proofs—they will typically be worth more than the standard coins. Always make sure you look out for fakes, counterfeits, and altered coins, as there are many of them luring in the market.

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