The value of a Franklin Half Dollar varies depending on its year of minting, condition, and rarity. For example, some of the rarest Franklin Half Dollars can be worth tens of thousands of dollars or more, making them highly sought-after items among coin collectors. Read on to learn more!

The value of Lincoln cents is one of the most popular topics in the world. As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention.” Abraham Lincoln came up with one of the simplest ways to make his pennies.

This article is useful for identifying what coins are worth more and which are worthless. It shows how much your Lincoln penny is worth in mint and circulated conditions. You can use this article to determine if you have a rare or an ordinary coin, which can sometimes be worth more. Read on!

Lincoln Penny Value

The value of a Lincoln penny can range from just a few cents to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on various factors.

  • One of the primary factors that can affect the value of a Lincoln penny is its rarity. The rarer a penny is, the more it is worth. 
  • Another factor that can affect the value of a Lincoln penny is its condition. The condition of a coin is usually graded on a scale from 1 to 70, with 70 being a perfect, uncirculated coin. A coin that is in excellent condition will usually be worth more than a similar coin in poor condition.
  • In addition to rarity and condition, there are other factors that can affect the value of a Lincoln penny. For example, some pennies have errors or variations that make them more valuable.

Type of Lincoln Penny

Lincoln Penny

Standard Wheat Pennies

The standard wheat penny is one of the most common. It has a flat surface on which Lincoln's head is engraved and an overall patriotic design. The value of these coins depends on their condition and whether they have any extra features such as mint marks or minor die breakage.

Rare/Error Wheat Pennies

Lincoln pennies that were struck with an error in the dies are known as rare or error wheat pennies. These varieties include doubled dies and doubled planchets, but they also include other errors, such as missing letters or wrong dates. Some collectors even collect them because they're so unusual!

Standard Memorial Lincoln Pennies

The value of a standard memorial Lincoln penny is based on the composition of the metal, the date, and the mint mark. The most common date for a standard memorial penny is 1909-1958. A few later dates are available for collectors. However, there are only a few years in which you will find many available.

Rare/Error Memorial Lincoln Pennies

The rarest and most valuable Lincoln penny is the error coin. These coins were struck in error, because of a manufacturing error or because of an error in the minting process. This type of coin has only been discovered a few times, and they are all extremely valuable.

Proof Coins

The United States Mint has specially prepared proof coins. These coins have been struck in a manner that allows them to reflect minting conditions during their creation accurately. Proof coins are often issued as final products to collectors, who may choose to keep them in a special holder or display case to show off their quality.

Rare Wheat Reverse Lincoln Pennies

These pennies are rare because they were made during a certain time or in limited numbers. Also, these coins come from special mints that produce them in low quantities. If you have a rare wheat, reverse Lincoln penny, and want to sell it, consider using an online penny auction site like eBay to find potential buyers who will pay top dollar for your rare coin.

They are also the most valuable of all Lincoln pennies. These coins have a reverse design but have the same obverse design as regular Lincoln pennies. These coins are worth more than regular Lincoln pennies because they have more value due to their rarity and high-quality design features.

The wheat reverse pennies were minted from 1909 through 1958 and are worth about $145 to $408000 depending on their Year, Mint and Identifier.

Error Lincoln Penny Value 

Wheat Reverse Lincoln Penny Value

The chart shows the annual average Lincoln penny output. The wheat (pennies with a design on the back that looks like stalks of grain) was minted from 1909 to 1958. It was produced in large numbers, so there were plenty of coins, making them less valuable than other coins.

The most valuable coins are uncirculated and have no wear; their value ranges between $0.15 to $1500 depending on the minting year and the mint mark. Coins in good condition have some wear and tear but remain in mostly as-issued condition.

Coins in poor condition exhibit significant wear but still retain most of their original luster and color. These coins costs between $0.12 to $200. This difference may be due to its mint mark and the minting year.

Doubled Die Obverse

Rather than simply doubling the mint mark on the coin, an off-center strike has been used in which all design elements have also been struck. An off-center strike occurs when a die is not perfectly centered in its cavity. This results in a coin that has been struck on two different sides. Off-center strikes can be found on coins from many different mints and date ranges.

The value for these coins depends on how far off-center they are, but most will be worth less than coins with perfect alignments. The result is a shadow-like effect over the entire face of the coin. The beauty of toned coins comes from their soft colors and subtle hues, rather than the bold or striking variations in tones that are often found on silver coins.

This Doubled Die Obverse previously sold for $120,000 at auction in 2019.

S/S, D/D, S/D, etc.

The most common type of Lincoln penny error is a double stamp, so the mint mark looks like two stamps on one side. This occurred when an error coin was struck at the Philadelphia Mint, but since the dies were already set for another denomination, it was impossible to change them. This type of error has been seen many times over the years and will always be considered valuable because it is a true rarity.

Stamps can have various shapes and sizes, and the mint mark is usually the same size as the other letters. Some stamps are small, while others are large and difficult to see.

Another common type of Lincoln penny error is a die crack, which occurs when metal from an old coin breaks off inside another. This can happen to both regular coins and commemoratives.


You can also find Lincoln pennies with the initials “VDB,” which stands for Victor D. Brenner —the man who designed these coins. This occurs just below the wheat stalks and is only seen in coins from 1909.

The VDB Lincoln penny has a value of $1.00 in uncirculated condition, with an MS-64 grade worth $1,000.00! This makes it one of the most valuable coins in circulation today, and it's worth more than your typical common penny.

In 2022, a 1909-S Lincoln Cent. V.D.B. MS-67 RD was auctioned off and wound up going for an astounding $168,000.

Bottom Line

The above chart shows the ever-fluctuating value of Lincoln pennies. Using this chart, you can determine the worth of your pennies depending on their condition, what year they were minted, and if it was in circulation. By carefully examining these factors, you can determine the worth of your Lincoln pennies.

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