Silver dollars are highly sought after by collectors, who are ready to pay a premium for such a rare and valuable coin. What, then, is the 1922 liberty silver dollar value? You will get the answer in this article!

The common perception is that 1922 Silver Dollars are worthless since so many exist. Even so, it's worth considerably higher than its par value thanks to the 90% silver content. The exact amount, however, will be determined by the type of coin you possess.

This article has all the details you need to know about the 1922 Peace silver dollar value, the 1922 Liberty Silver Dollar Trust Misspelled Value, the grading of the 1922 silver dollar, and more.

1922 Silver Dollars Price References

1922 Silver Dollars Price References

1922 silver dollars price guidelines vary depending on the date of mintage, condition, and appearance. Below is a perfect guide to the silver 1922 U.S. dollar coin.

No-Mint mark 1922 Silver Dollar (Normal)

You may expect to pay anything from $14.98 to $30 if the dollar coins are in excellent condition. Even so, it's a wonderful deal since it's more than silver's melt value. You can buy the uncirculated coin for anywhere from $52 to $174. The scale will run from 50 (Mint Condition) to 65 (Mint Condition Plus). Moreover, with a PR-65 or above, you can expect to sell it for roughly $80,000.

1922 Silver Dollar Non-Mint Mark (High relief)

It's not cheap to buy such rare coins because they seem more realistic because of their 3-D qualities and better resolution. Because of their superior quality, PCGS classifies them as proof coins, and they were offered as unique coins at around $137,776.

The 1922″S” Silver Dollar

You can sell the silver dollar in excellent condition from $14.98 to $30. You may buy this coin for a minimum of $62 and up to $650. Coins in mint form, namely MS 60–65, are worth more because of their scarcity and demand.

1922 “D” Silver Dollar

These coins have a minimum selling price of $14.98 at the bottom of the quality spectrum. However, the value increases to roughly $2591 when the coin is in the greatest uncirculated grade, MS 65.

Distinct Errors on 1922 Silver Dollars

1922 Peace silver dollar history

You may make much money from selling any 1922 silver dollar error coins. It's not the error they make but rather the fact that they're uncommon. Some of the rarest and most costly 1922 silver dollar errors are:

Silver Dollar, 1922, Die Cracks on Reverse

Due to the minting process's intense pressure, there was a die break on certain 1922 silver dollars. The error will be obvious as a hunk of metal crashing into the eagle's chin. Costs range from about $125 to $135, depending on how “current” the dollar is.

1922 Obverse Silver Dollar Dies

You may see the error on the die split of the coin's head as the error is in the hair behind Liberty's ear. Note that some coin dealers may refer to it as “Liberty's earrings,” which is often used by coin dealers. The price of the coin starts at around $425.

1922 Liberty Silver Dollar Trust Misspelled Value

The coin's reverse is imprinted with the words “Liberty; In God We Trvst.” Latinize “Trust” to “Trvst,” and you have an alternative English word spelling. On the back, it says E Pluribus Unum, United States of America, peace, and one dollar.

1922 Peace Silver Dollar History

Distinct Errors on 1922 Silver Dollars

After World War I, the United States Mint started working on a new design of silver dollars to honor the end of hostilities. The selected designer, Anthony de Francisci, first attempted to employ the high-relief approach, resulting in several broken dies due to the extra strain.

U.S. Mint officials ultimately decided to abandon this design, and low-relief pieces were struck from February 13, 1922, until 1935. Large-scale mining has rendered these coins quite worthless. Apart from a few one-of-a-kind items, their cost ranges from about $18 to $50. In 1922, for instance, the mints only issued 35,401 Peace Dollars with high relief except for one, which was worth an estimated $137,776.

Grading a 1922 Silver Dollar

It's better to know the grade of a 1922 silver dollar before buying or selling it. There are several grading systems used in numismatics, but the most widely recognized is the Sheldon Scale, which ranges from 1 to 70, with 70 being a perfect, uncirculated coin.

To determine the grade of a 1922 silver dollars, factors such as wear, luster, strike, and preservation are considered. The condition of your 1922 silver coin will determine its value. It's recommended to have the coin professionally evaluated by a third-party grading service such as NGC or PCGS to get a reliable grade.

1922 Silver Dollar Proofs

Consider yourself fortunate if you ever come across a 1922-proof silver dollar. The coins are of great quality since the mints only produced them for a select group of collectors.

Because their surfaces are so reflective, they shine brighter than anything else because the artists in mints hit them with great pressure. These items are highly sought after by collectors due to their scarcity and high quality.


In excellent condition, a 1922 silver dollar retains its brilliant, brand-new sheen, and in direct sunlight, the coin becomes dazzling. If you find such a coin, count yourself fortunate. Also, some coins have no or fewer markings.

Extremely Excellent (EF)

In this condition category, the 1922 silver dollar will show little wear. Such coins are highly sought after by collectors because they retain a desirable degree of shine.

Even now, Miss Liberty's crown and hair are visible. However, there is wear at the tips of the curls. On these coins, the eyebrows are similarly recessed. Eagle wings on the head and right wing are also there, but they are starting to disappear.


The 1922 silver dollar has suffered significant wear and tear in this grade. Most of these pieces are polished since many people handled them. Miss Liberty's eyebrows are barely visible on the obverse, and her cheeks have sunken. Close to the edges, the writing seems to disappear.

Still, not all hope is lost since the main important features of the tail and head are there. Their lackluster aesthetic makes them less desirable. The 1922 silver dollar is expected to have a grade of F12.


Silver dollars from 1922 are highly sought after by collectors due to their scarcity. Silver dollars of the greatest quality will be the most costly, while those of the lowest grade will be the cheapest. The 1992 silver dollar errors include the die cracks on reverse and obverse dollar dies.

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