Have you come across a 1941 penny and wondered about its value? You can click on this post and understand the 1941 penny value.

Artifacts are merely just objects, but the history behind them transforms them into objects of value. Vintage coins are valuable in the artifacts collection industry because they tell the history of the time it was in circulation.

The 1941 penny is a common feature of any American coin collector’s library. The coin is valuable because it carries a rich history of the American people. The 1941 penny, sometimes known as the Lincoln Penny, is not extremely rare, and its value depends on the type of coin in question. What is the 1941 penny value? How much is a 1941 penny worth?

The Estimated Value of the 1941 Penny

The first series of the Lincoln pennies were infamous, and residents queued outside the mint to get them. The demand for the penny hiked its value to peak at 25 cents per coin in the secondary market.

However, after the hype cooled down, the valuation came down to 5 cents per coin.  The current value of the 1941 penny ranges between $ 0.15 to more than $ 100, depending on the coin's grading.

A Brief Chronicle About the 1941 Penny

1941 Penny Value

The Coinage Act of 1792 came into force when enacted by congress in Philadelphia, thus giving rise to the US national mint. However, it was until 1909 that the US national mint began minting the first series of the Lincoln pennies.

The first series of the Lincoln penny had a picture of the president on the face of it, commemorating 100 years since his birth. The 1941 Lincoln penny came into existence 32 years afterward.

Notable Characteristics of the 1941 Penny

Notable characteristics of the 1941 penny

Front/Face of the Coin

The front side of the 1941 penny bears a portrait image of Abraham Lincoln. The portrait of Abraham Lincoln stares right if you put the coin on your palm when viewing it.

At the top of Abraham Lincoln’s picture are the words (IN GOD WE TRUST) engraved in an arc at the top of his head. At the back of Lincoln’s head is the word (LIBERTY). The front side of Lincoln’s picture has (1941) engraving.

The 1961 Lincoln penny variation contains his picture with fewer wrinkles on the cheeks and coat. Charles Barber (chief engraver) reduced the wrinkles to prolong the effect of the dies when striking the coin.

Back of the Coin

The back of the 1941 penny contains an image of two ears of durum wheat curving near the sides of the coin. The middle of the two ears of durum wheat curving has the words (ONE CENT) and (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) engraved on it. You can look at the top of the coin to see the words (E. PLURIBUS UNUM).

Market Value of the 1941 Lincoln Pennies Variations

The value of the 1941 pennies varies depending on the variation of the Lincoln coin. The different Lincoln coin variations include:

  1. 1941 S – You can identify the coin variation because it has the S and date mark signifying it is from the San Francisco Mint. The value of the 1941 S coin ranges between $0.15 to $6.16.
  2. 1941 D – You can identify the coin variation because the D and the date mark are visible, denoting the coin is from the Denver Mint. The value of the 1941 D coin ranges between $0.15 to $6.16.
  3. 1941 Lincoln Penny – You can identify it because it does not contain a mint mark underneath the date. The coin’s value ranges between $0.15 to $4.18.

Grades for the 1941 Penny

The grading chart for the 1941 penny follows a similar pattern to most vintage coin classifications. The grading chart for the Lincoln coin thus classifies a 1941 coin as either:

  • Good – The coin is in good structural condition, but you can see minor defects like discoloration, scratches, corrosion, or bent brim.
  • Very Good – The coin is in a better structural condition with fewer defects, thus meaning it was not in circulation for a lengthy period.
  • Fine – The coin is in impeccable structural condition with fewer apparent defects. You must look closer at the Lincoln penny to notice the minor coin defects.
  • Extra Fine – The coin is in impeccable structural condition with defects only noticeable by a trained eye.
  • Uncirculated – The coin is in near-perfect structural condition because the Lincoln coin was not in circulation.
  • Mint – The coin is in perfect structural condition because the Lincoln coin was not in circulation and usually has had a handful of owners since its release.

Factors Affecting the Price of A 1941 Penny?

Which 1941 penny is More Valuable

The grading of the 1941 penny mainly influences the market value of a particular coin. A Mint 1941 penny is the most valuable, followed by uncirculated, Extra Fine, Fine, Very Good, and Good grade, respectively. However, other factors can also affect the price of the 1941 penny, and you can read about them below.

The exact market price of a 1941 coin accounts for the following factors.

  1. Grade of the coin – The physical state of the 1941 coin matters because you can fetch upwards of $100 if you possess a mint/uncirculated Lincoln coin without noticeable scratches or dents on its surface.
  2. Availability – Rare 1941 pennies are worth more than the common Lincoln coins. Factors such as WWII made some 1941 coins scarce, thus driving the value of the Lincoln coin.
  3. Ownership history – A 1941 coin with a remarkable ownership record can fetch more in the market if you provide proof. A mint or uncirculated 1941 coin owned by a famous person can have more existential value than other coins.
  4. Error coins – A 1941 penny with mint or struck errors could cause the value to decrease noticeably.

Where Can You Buy/Sell A 1941 Penny?

The 1941 Lincoln penny is readily available in the market, and you can buy/sell them from most established coin dealers, local coin shops, or online e-commerce platforms. You can look into all three places to compare the prices of the Lincoln penny.


A 1941 Lincoln penny is a must-have coin in your gallery if you are a coin collector. The 1941 coin is easy to find, and the price of acquiring one is reasonable as long you know what to look for and where to find it.

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