As a passionate stamp collector, you’ll want to get your hands on the most valuable, rare stamps. Some of these stamps are very valuable and command a high price. In this guide, we’ll help you learn more about 2-cent stamps and the most valuable ones you may want to add to your collection.

The invention of postal stamps simplified the process of sending letters. They helped standardize the post by allowing the sender to pay for the letter rather than the receiver. With the internet taking over, letters are rarely used unless when communicating with individuals who can’t access it. Even though that’s the case, stamp collecting is a hobby as old as stamps. Collectors are always looking for rare stamps that have a high value. Among them are 2-cent stamps, whose value continues to rise over time.

So, how do you determine the value of your 2-cent stamps? This guide will explore two-cent stamps and whether they are worth investing in. Read on to learn more.

What Are 2 Cent Stamps?

2 Cent Stamps

Before the introduction of postal stamps, the receiver paid for the letter. This system was confusing and led to losses as the receiver may fail to pick up the letter or not have enough money to cover the postage fees.

That’s when postage stamps were introduced as evidence of paying for the postal services. The stamps had a monetary value of the current postage fees. As a result of the fluctuating postal rates, various 2-cent stamps were made over the course of the years.

Two-cent stamps were first introduced in 1863 to cover the changing postal rates. Before that, mail users were required to pay one or five cents when sending mail. When 2-cent coins were introduced, it became necessary for the USPS to create 2-cent stamps.

The Most Valuable 2 Cent Stamps

Here are the most valuable 2-cent stamps sold for an astonishingly high price.

1. George Washington Red 2 Cent Stamp and Washington and Green 1 Cent Stamp

George Washington Red 2 Cent Stamp and Washington and Green 1 Cent StampWashington 1 cent

Going for $25,000, this is the most valuable 2-cent stamp. While it’s sold alongside a green 1-cent stamp, this is still the highest sale. These stamps are in pristine condition, with excellent colors and all visible features.

2. 2-Cent Red George Washington U. S. Postage Stamp

George Washington Red 2 Cent Stamp and Washington and Green 1 Cent Stamp (1)

Issued in 1928, this stamp is worth $14000. While its cancellation mark is not visible, everything from the paper, the design, the color, and the centering is perfect. It’s also attached to the original letter, which makes it more fascinating.

3. US Postage Stamp George Washington Two Cent 2¢ Red Stamp 1902 

US Postage Stamp George Washington Two Cent 2¢ Red Stamp 1902 

This is a Very Good (VG) graded stamp in excellent condition but with heavy cancellation marks. It sold for a remarkable $9900.

4. Collection of 104 Used 1867 Andrew Jackson 2 Cent Stamps 

Collection of 104 Used 1867 Andrew Jackson 2 Cent Stamps 

Selling at $734, these are the most valuable Jackson 2-cent stamps. This collection of 40 used Jackson stamps is in good condition but has cancellation marks. If you’re looking for valuable stamps, not in mint condition, these are what to go for.

Factors Affecting the Value of 2 Cent Stamps

Factors Affecting the Value of 2 Cent Stamps

When determining the value of a 2-cent stamp, you should look out for various factors. This can also help you identify fakes and avoid getting scammed. Here are the factors you should consider when evaluating a 2-cent stamp.

The stamp’s grade

Stamps are usually graded depending on their condition. Technically, those with higher grades are more valuable than those with lower grades. Here are the different stamp grades starting from the most valuable to the least valuable.

  • Superb(S)
  • Extra Fine (EF)
  • Very Fine (VF)
  • Fine (F)
  • Average(A)
  • Poor (P)

For a stamp to be graded as superb, it must be in its mint condition with almost perfect cancellation and well-centered design. It should look as if it was just printed. On the other hand, poorly graded stamps are poorly perforated with a faded and uncentered design. You should carefully analyze a stamp before paying for it.

The color

Stamps that have a brighter color are more valuable than faded ones. When a stamp is poorly conserved or exposed to sunlight or dirt, its color will fade. This significantly reduces its value.

The paper

A stamp is more valuable if its paper shows no wear or damage. Torn stamps usually have a lower value.

Centering and perforation

Perfectly centered stamps give a complete image making them more valuable. Typically, perforations are the little dots that allow you to tear off a stamp without damaging it. If the stamp has a perforation around it, it was used on letters and is hence more valuable.


Used stamps usually have a cancellation mark to prevent people from reusing them. A lighter mark shows that you have more of the original design hence more valuable.

The gum

Given the rarity of high-quality gum, stamps with gum with no age spots are more valuable. You should look for hinging to determine the quality of the gum used. Lighter hinging increases the value of the stamp.

Where to Buy a 2-Cent Stamp

There are different marketplaces where you can buy a 2-cent stamp. However, you’ll have first to learn how to identify fakes before going into the market for a stamp. Carefully analyze the color of the stamp. Fake stamps are freshly painted and bright in color. Some of the places you can buy vintage 2-cent stamps include:

  • Online platforms like eBay, which offer a great bargain but may have scams
  • Auctions with the rarest pieces can go for a higher price because buyers outbid each other.
  • Specialized sellers include vintage shops and boutiques that sell genuine collectibles, including stamps.

Different 2-cent stamps are available for sale in these different places. Some common stamps include a vintage 1954 Thomas Jefferson 2 Cent Stamp, a 1928 George Washington Red 2 Cent Postage Stamp, and a vintage 1861 Andrew Jackson 2 Cent Stamp. Their value ranges from as low as $1 to as high as $300.


Postal stamps are among the most valuable collectibles. Their rarity, condition, and color, among other features, can increase the value of a 2-cent stamp. Therefore, if you have a stamp, you should conserve and keep it in the best condition possible.

Protect it from outside elements and avoid removing the cancellation mark. On the other hand, stamp collectors should avoid scams and only buy from reputable sources.

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